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Electric dombyra.


Electric dombyra is absolutely new instrument made basing on priciples of its acoustic father instrument—Dombyra. Nurzhan Toishy was the first ethnic Kazakh who introduced the instrument having realized it from idea to experimental sample. May be there were many people thinking of it, but Nurzhan became the first one who brought this instrument to life from drawings.

Experimental electric solo/rythm dombyra made by masters of acoustic dombyra of the shops under Kazakh National Conservatory after Kurmangazy under supervision of Mr. Murat Kubekov, the Chief tuner of the conservatory:

This instrument repeats the shape of its acoustic father, ordinary dombyra. But the spare parts are the spare part of electric guitar: humbuckers, bridges, metal strings.

This is an ordinary acoustic dombyra with nylon strings:

Two unlucky instruments made in Almaty:


Having designed the basic solo electric dombyra it was obvious that we could make rythm and bass dombyras.


Electric Solo dombyra. Shamray guitar shop. Moscow, Russia.



Electric Rythm dombyra. Shamray guitar shop. Moscow, Russia.



Electric Bass dombyra. Shamray guitar shop. Moscow, Russia.

Difference from electric guitar:

  1. Shape/ outlook.
  2. 2 strings#4, while guitar has 6 different in thickness strings.
  3. Length and thickness of the neck.
  4. Playing guitar requires 4 fingers on the neck while dombyra requires 5 fengers on the neck.
  5. Different quantity of frets on the neck.
  6. The range of notes is small in dombyra comparing to 6 stringed guitar of course.


Difference from acoustic dombyra:

  1. Non acoustic principle.
  2. Metal strings against nylon ones.
  3. Presence of pickups in electric dombyra.


What was it Designated for?


To perform music of acoustic dombyra in more laud and authentic manner. To imlement distortion, preamps and amps in performance that was never possible before with ancient acoustic dombyra. 


Where can one learn playing dombyra?


In Kazakhstan everi regional district has a musical school, musical college where one can attend dombyra classes. As to other CIS countries we think one can take only private classes. Aldaspan plans to make a video class in several parts about how to play dombyra.


Where can one buy electric dombyra?


In Kazakhstan through Nurzhan Toishy who is an exclusive representative of Shamray guitar shop in Kazakhstan. As to other countries you may directly contact  Shamray company ( The instrument may cost 2000-2500 USD.


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