Band bio

Beginning (1988-2009)

It all started when.... 

End of 80-ies… Nurzhan Toishy (by that time he was Nurzhan Toichiev) was attending secondary school number 120 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. When he was a seventh grader he was "infected" with heavy metal music his classmates listened to.

Listening to the guitar heavy and speedy riffs of James Hatfield, Kerry King, Max Cavalera he recognised some techniques that Kazakh musicians use for centuries playing kui (national instrumental genre of music) on our national instrument Dombyra.  Those places in their music excited and used to give incredible energy to listeners and caused blast of emotions. 

It was easy for him to understand about similarity of heavy metal riffs and techniques of kuis of Kazakh people owing to dombyra classes he took by the moment. He was attending Zhubanov's musical secondary school (Almaty, Kazakhstan) as outside attendee.

Those days he shared his impressions with his classmates and guys from the school and told them about idea of creating electric dombyra. No one of those few guys supported him and was interested in the idea, as the school was not Kazakh one, it was Russian school. The Kazakh pupil in that school were rather loyal to Russian and Western style and culture than to Kazakh national stuff, so Kazakh stuff was not popular, out of fashion. The time we talk about was the communistic Soviet Age of Kazakhstan. Kazakh youth taught in Russian were far away from national Kazakh music (it was boring then to those who did not speak Kazakh language and was far from Kazakh culture).

However, it was then...There was a lack of opportunities. Those days you could not find spare parts, technology, schemes, there was no shop making electric guitars. At last no money. The idea became a standby option to Nurzhan...for more than 20 years.

21 years past. Year 2009. By that time USSR already collapsed, iron curtain was broken, market economy started its weak motion and develops to its extent we have now in CIS. So there is actually a great opportunity to realize the idea of electric dombyra.


In 2015 Baha quits the band due to his move to Astana with family. Then Dulat fills in being a second year studend of Almaty conservatory.

Also in 2015 Nurzhan decided to shift to the mic and invited as a drummer Ruslan from Zarraza thrash metal band. So in 2015 Ruslan (Kanon) became the band's drummer.

(Konan)  Alpissov Ruslan Olegovich. (Drums)

Date of birth 02.04.1986 Almaty, Kazakhstan

1993-2000 Secondary school #127, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2000-2003  Physics and Mathematics Lyceum #166, Almaty, Kazakhstan

1990-1995 Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and construction (architect). Almaty, Kazakhstan

No musical education, except the experience of playing the drums since 2002 to nowadays with the different bands of Almaty.


2010-2015 has played with trash-death Zarraza band, in 2014 this band had a part on the concert with rotting christ band from Greece in rock-club Jest, at those meeting  I met  Nurzhan T. Toishy who is the leader of Aldaspan band.

But in the beginning of 2016 Ruslan left the band as he had no time for Aldaspan being totally occupied by his day time job.

In 2017 Dulat quits the band and he was replaced with Aisarbek Akiyashev (Ais)