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Aldaspan (kazakh language) is heavy saber that has unusual form: the end is much wide than the beginning. Because of its form it does not have sheath. It was used by turkic tribes against armoured cavalry and soldiers. It is often mentioned in Turkic poems and met in Middle Century paintings of Asian artists of the past.


Dombyra is a two stringed instrument present in many Turkic nations.

The variations of this plucked instrument is met in many national cultures but with essential differences such as Dumra in Russia (first mentioned in historical documents dated 14 century), in Tadjic culture it is Dumrak, in Uzbek culture it is Dumbyra, Dumbrak, Dutar; in Kyrgyz Culture it is Komuz, in Turkmenian Culture it is Dutar, Bash, Dumbyra; in Bashkir culture it is Dumbyra, in Nogai Culture in the South or Russia near Azov sea it is Dombyra, in Turkish culture it is Saz.

Dombyra music is a very unique genre. It is not for dancing. It always was for thinking, and accompanied with words as songs with deep sense. This music inspired warriors before battles (Marco Polo mentions it in his works) and was listened to for reflection. In order to give the best explanation of the music we'd say it is music of Genghis Khan' Army. The bearer of the genre is Kazakh nation, it constituted his Army as you know from history.

Interesting: When you play on guitar you use 4 fingers on its neck while when we play on dombyra we use all 5 fingers.

Kui is an instrumental musical composition with 1,5-4 minutes length. This type of composition is met in musical culture of almost all Kipchak peoples, including Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs. Kui is performed with different national plucked, bow and wind instruments such as Dombyra, Qobyz, Syrnai, etc. Mostly Kuis are performed with plucked instruments: Dombyra of Kazakhs and Komuz of Kyrgyzs. In 20 century Kazakh soviet musicians experimented with chorus performance of Kuis.

Dombyra with Piezoelectric pick up is an acoustic instrument with nylon strings. We don't know by who and when it was firstly introduced but is whidely used in Kazakh modern culture.

Electric dombyra -this is fully electric non-acoustic instrument made of electric guitar parts with metal strings. The idea came to Nurzhan Toishy in 1988 and was realized by him in 2010. May be there were other people who came to this idea as well, but no one but Nurzhan Toishy showed finished instrument in Kazakhstan before 2010. The very first experimental electric dombyra was made according to Nurzhan's design by Kazakh National Conservatory's dombyra masters under supervision of Mr. Murat Kubekov. In 2011 Shamray guitar shop (in Moscow, Russia) made first high quality concert solo, rythm and bass dombyras according to Nurzhan Toishy's design.


IMHO: Dombyra music can be put in rock genre perfectly without loss of energy rather than disco or similar genre, cause it was not composed for dancing (turkic tribes did not have dances... nomad warriors (imho) beleived it erases dignity).

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