News and events

come to our gig on 27 october,

Muzcafe, 27 Oct 20-00

Interview on Abai TV channel i

Andiground program

Interview in Kazakh language o

Tan Sholpan morning program

New video release on Gakku TV

Our new single of 2021 released on Gakku channel

New official video releases co

Dedicated to 175th anniversary of Abai

Come to see us on September 15

Almaq ala fest 2019, 15 September at 16-00

New release! Check it out!! Al

This Album consists of the tracks that were recorded by Aldaspan band in 2012. The major part of the album is the compositions performed by the band members on acoustic dombyra. Also we added three bonus trackes arranged by Aldaspan band

Aldaspan performed on Khalyq B

Almaty, Trampoline

Charity concert took place

Together with Ulytau band

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