Мы благодарим их

Special thanks to these people:

1. Murat Kubekov, Almaty, Kazakhstan, for his support in making our first electric dombyra. Using his dombyra I got to know that it will work as a project!

2. Nikolai Kochubei, Moscow, Russia. Shamray guitar shop. For his support and brilliant instruments that we use: solo dombyra, bass dombyra, rythm dombyra. www.shamray.ru

3. Izbassar Buzaev, Almaty, Kazakhstan. For his priceless support of my idea and group, for his kindness to give us a rehearsal studio, for his ties and connections in showbiz of Kazakhstan, for new partners I gained owing to his introduction to famous painters, artists, composers, poets, etc. I thank him for his sponsorship, for being a couse of naming our group Aldaspan, for my group members that came to me through his connections. I can not imagine the way of the group founding without him, God bless you Izbassar Aga.

4. Baigali Essenaliev for finding the word "Aldaspan" as a group name.

5. Eraly Ospanov for his 5 brilliant paintings I used in our first album design and other advertising kits.

6. Rafik Saginbekov, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Thank you bro for presenting us three different jew's harps we use now! Remember that they sound in our first album!

7. A man, sponsor, citizen of Kazakhstan, respected businessman, that wished to stay incognito against our opinion, wish and finilly desperate begging to post his name because of his modesty. We thank him that he covered a major part of our expenses in Moscow when recording Attila Album. God bless him and his family!

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