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Our concert on 16 December 2011 on Astana square in Almaty

It was so cold!!! Minus ten Celcius!!!

Performance on Khabar channel

it was a debut of "Uly kosh" song from upcoming Kazakh album

Erlan Kokeev's club. Charity concert.

We played kui "Konil Ashar" and the song "Uly Kosh"

Performance on Khabar

Khabar Stars program

Khabar channel "Bir Elu"

Khabar stars program

Uly kosh. Presentation 2012

Concert in

Petroleum club in Almaty

Invited by

Astana 2013

Akimat square, three songs. Debut of Kazakhstan song

Astana/Abay road club 2013

Astana/Abay road club 2013

Aldaspan in Almaty open air 2013

Social project. Life free from pressure!

Kazakhstan Barysy

Astana cycle track Saryarka

Aktau Rock fest 2013

Open Air Fest in Aktau


Four Э fest 2013

4th fest. We performed for our first time there 

kpop fest in Almaty 2013

on Sunkar Ski jump

2013 Kyzylorda, City Day

Right after Discoteca Avaria

Aldaspan and Sainkho

Guns'n'roses pub

Tengri FM, Spirit of Tengri, STV

Soulfly 2014, Aldaspan, Aldaspan feat.Camancheros

Supporting Soulfly, Max Cavalera

Aldaspan, Aldaspan feat. camanvheros

Apple fest open air 2014-09-21 Almaty

Almaty, city day 21-09-2014

MMA 2014 Fight of nomads show

Almaty, Baluan Sholak venue

Dala Dauysy fest 1 prize, Boztorgai

Dala Dauysy radio fest 2014. First prize. New name nomination. Song: boztorgai. Album: Zhol 2014. Gala concert. 

El dastan live 2015 Museum night

El dastan live 2015

Sabi kunder live 2015 Museum night

Sabi kunder 2015 live 

Live performance on Kazakh TV channel

2016 it was aired all over the world through the satellite

Zhest Club 2016

Almaty Zhest club

Heart of Eurasia fest 2016 Bashkortostan, Ufa

Russian federation, Bashkortostan, Ufa 2016

Heart of Eurasia open air fest

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